Some information relevant to the ATCSH project!

Scope of project.

Olumpus offers a system for converting object glasses/slides with samples/specimens like human tissues and cells to digital images (virtual slides). Olympus calls this system the dotSlide system. This projects scope or vision is to build up an automated system for slide handling using the Olympus dotSlide system or similar systems from other vendors.   

Name of project

ATCSH is the acronym for Automated Tissue or Cell Sample Handling but the project name is open for change.

Other proposals for the project name:

Premise for ATCSH project compared to Olympus SW product range.

Olympus already provide a comprehensive package of software to be used in conjunction with their microscopes. The premise of this project compared to Olympus software package is

The system reference model

A short description of the components given in the model:

Olympus dotSlide in action

Olympus own links

Link to Olympus' own website about dotSlide

Olympus Image Products 

Olympus particel Products (May be interesting)

Virtual Slides in Olympus own Online Database  (Impressing images!!)

Other links and relevant information. See here


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